Can Sour Food and Drinks Really Decrease Blood Pressure?
There is no evidence that acid lowers blood pressure, but some acidic products can affect it secondarily: for example, instead of salt, which increases
How to survive a nuclear strike: eight tips
Anyone within 800 m of the source of the explosion is killed instantly with a 90% probability, and within 3200 m with a 50% probability.
Benefits and harms of frozen lemons for the human body
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Charoite: medicinal, magical properties, value for humans
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Trumpeter: description, taste, nutritional value, benefits and harms of the clam
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Food additive E150a: what is it in cognac, composition, effect on the body
Food additive E150a is a special substance obtained as a result of the heat treatment of sugar. In food production, it is used as a natural caramel coloring agent.
Quince: benefits and harms for the body
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Benefits and harms of mildronate for the human body
A series of high-profile sports scandals have forced the public to learn the word “meldonium” and to pay the closest attention to the drug.