Can Sour Food and Drinks Really Decrease Blood Pressure?


There is no evidence that acid lowers blood pressure, but some acidic products can affect it secondarily: for example, instead of salt, which increases the pressure, add lemon juice, lime juice, balsamic, white, or tartaric vinegar.

How food affects your blood pressure

A healthy diet has a positive effect on the heart and joints. In particular, some foods reduce high blood pressure, such as DASN, which requires you to reduce your intake of salt and foods and drinks with extra black meat.

It is better to include more fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, whole-grain products, fish, poultry, beans, and mountains in your diet.

To control high blood pressure, it is necessary:

  • eat foods low in fat, salt, and calories;
  • read labels on food products – pay attention to the level of trans fats and unhealthy fats;
  • Use spices and herbs, vinegar, lemon, or fruit juice instead of salt to add flavor to the food;
  • Use less vegetable and cooking oil, margarine, confectionery fat, and salad dressings.

How to Watch Your Tension

To maintain normal blood pressure, you have to have it measured at least once a year. And if the blood pressure is periodically increased – see a therapist: he will tell you about the prevention of arterial hypertension and, if necessary, will recognize the drugs for treatment.

Cardiologists named foods and drinks to lower blood pressure

Dairy products – cottage cheese, and jam – are one of the best remedies to help stabilize high blood pressure.

In addition to the above, the following are also indicated: tea, which dilates blood vessels, as well as coconut water and cocoa.

– Foods that lower blood pressure include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C: grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and water with lemon. Beets and beet drinks are useful, in which beet juice and water are in the ratio of one to one. One glass will suffice.

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